Lies Men Tell (2015)

Comedy, Romance | 80 mins
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Lies Men Tell – NB Editor Review

My initial attempt to watch this film failed as I nodded off so I saved it for a time when I was fresh and able to concentrate, I wish I had not bothered. ‘Lies Men Tell’ starts out poorly, shows very little promise in the middle but slowly knocks your hopes down.

Desmond Elliot plays Emeka, a serial promiscuous husband constantly cheating on his wife, who despite the obvious signs is oblivious to the fact. Enter nosey neighbour (on cue) to inform her and then the drama (or the lack of it) unfolds. There is very little else to say as anyone who has seen three average Nollywood films could have written this. It is predictable, uninspiring and witless. The core difference between Cinema and theatre is the use of dialogue: Theatre is language and literature so the story is carried through the dialogue, Cinema on the other hand is carried through the pictures and dialogue only enhances the story which the acting should largely carry the story. With this film, its a play on screen with no language and very little story.

The only saving grace is Desmond is watchable despite the caricature nature of his performance which is mostly over the top and loud (literally), if anything, his wife’s character (Uche Jombo – who also co-wrote and produced the film) was more considered and had subtle touches. I am not sure the director (Ikechukwu Onyeka) had much to work with so I hesitate to lay most of the blame at his feet. I always credit the write for a good story as its the bedrock of a good film so I would have to look at the writers for what potentially had legs but didn’t go anywhere.

If you are caught with nothing else to do for an hour and a half, then this just might be worth it, but given the choice you will do well to watch something else.

Available on Netflix and Iroko TV

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Comedy, Romance

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