Flower Girl (2015)

Romance, Comedy | 97 Min
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One thing Netflix has done recently is add Nollywood films to its catalogue which is a smart move considering the number of Nigerian’s in the UK and the USA. Thanks to them, I stumbled on ‘Flower Girl’ which I heard not heard of, talk less of consider watching.

Kemi (Damilola Adegbite) is a florist (yep, thats where we get the title) dreaming of her boyfriend proposing to her. Her boyfriend, Umar (Chris Attoh), on the other had has his eyes set on one thing only – moving up the career ladder. The premise is a simple and well rehashed one but it still manages to work in ‘Flower Girl’ although am not quite the sure the title works, okay I have to forgive that title otherwise my review will be biased. On a more serious not, I think the premise works only because its a romantic comedy which is one of the few genres which allows unabated ‘’cheesiness’. Another thing that makes this movie a pleasant watch is Damilola is pleasantly sweet in this movie and this makes you rooting for her to get her man despite you wanting to hit him over the head with a frying pan.

While the story was okay, I think what carried this film the most, credit to the writer (Jigi Bello), was the depth the lead character had. Her world was representative of her character – lovey-dovey parents who are obviously head over heels and an exuberant friend constantly nurturing her love fantasy. Creating a world around a character helps you sell the depth of their emotions a lot faster than a lot of exposition that makes a story drag. This is something I am hoping to see from more Nollywood films as the new crop of writers seem to be taking their art seriously.

For the weakest link in the film was Chucks Chukwujekwu who played Tunde Kelani, popular actor trying to help Kemi get her boyfriends attention. He had the look but was thoroughly unconvincing as a star, he just seemed to lack the aura to carry off the role or maybe he wanted to be understated. I am not saying his acting was bad, I just wish it matched Damilola’s. Another thing that stood out for the wrong reason for me was some scenes looked forced and far fetched, this could be a generational thing, maybe this is what happens in today’s ‘Naija’ but I felt they were scenes stolen out of Hollywood, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing if it is made to work within the culture it is set.

Mention has to be made of Kemis bubbly friend (Bikiya Graham Douglas), she was delightful to watch and sometimes picking the film by the scruff and injecting new life. It was a good use of comedy for impact from dramatic effect which helps move the story along in an interesting way.

The wardrobe, especially for Kemi, was beautiful, especially in the classic ‘enter-the-room-in-a-killer-dress-scene’. The sound design was also quite good largely using diegetic sound in quite a few scenes. The story will not be winning any awards and neither will the acting, directing etc but I must say its a beautiful film which anyone, especially the romantic natured ones will smile at.

This one seats nicely in the ‘Nice to Watch’ corner, it will not show you anything you haven’t seen before but it will entertain you and possibly make you smile.

Available on Netflix and Iroko TV

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Romance, Comedy

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  • Gabrielle 25 / 09 / 2016

    As your average sucker for a good “chick flick” (and yes, I have done the whole ice cream business), I’m the kind of person who is generally interested in light-hearted films with a fair amount of plot, stereotyped characters, and a very clearly set relationship diagram. Not particularly well commended for it’s breathtaking character development or tear-jerking ending (unless you count tears of happiness for a wedding we expected since we first met Kemi), ‘Flower Girl’ is still a fun movie to chill with the gals over lunch.

    As to be expected in most rom coms, you have the arrogant guy, the bubbly girl, the even bubblier friend, and the dire relationship. However, the actors add a new kind of flair and excitement to the (very) overused roles and you’ll find that in this film, most of the humour lies in the actions, and not in the words. Characters do tend to be slightly melodramatic but in the general craziness of the film, it feels right and any less overdone would feel, well, underdone.
    The actual plot is rather cliche (then again, find me a rom com without a cliche plot) but there are still enough twists and turns to keep you interested.

    I fear that is as much as I can say without giving everything away. This film is a MUST WATCH, but be forewarned: Flower Girl is exactly like Marmite – it can either be your guilty pleasure, or your everlasting torture…

    8 / 10
  • Good watch but an 8? Very generous….

    6 / 10

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