Esohe (2017)

Thriller |

Movie Story

Esohe – Gary Barbar, Marine Transportation Management teacher is a troubled man. His entire life and aspirations hinge on finding the truth and meaning behind the nightmares, violent flashes of visions of a past that knows nothing about. He expects to find answers as he journeys to his fatherland but he is totally unprepared for the complications awaiting him in Benin as the reincarnation of Ifagbai, the rejected son of Akukuo Eghosa, the great warrior, who must be reunited with his love from time past, Esohe.

As in the days of Ifagbai and his love Esohe, the same forces have also reincarnated, this time, to frustrate their love a second and final time – A story of undying love, unflinching loyalty, deviously woven intrigues and traditions.

Staring: Jimmy Jean Louis, Chris Attoh, Jemima Osunde, Monica Omorodion Swaida, Desmond Elliot , Bimbo Manuel, Toyin Aimakhuo , Misty Lockheart,
Also Staring: Ufuoma Mcdermott, Eunice Omorogie, Osagie Elegbe,
Story: Charles Uwagbai, Efetobore Ayeteni , Screenplay : Bimbo Manuel, Sfx Makeup: Hakeem Effects Music/Mix: TioDi Sound: Remi Benson | JI BOLDEN. Sound Track: Monica Omorodion Swaida , Nosa and Franka Director of Photography: Austin Nwaolie | Emeka Madu | FABIAN HOOKA
Editor: Jude Legemah
Associate Producers : Christabel Momodu, Jimmy Jean Louis Omoye Uzamere,
Assistant Director: Elizabeth Kym Murugi
Producers: Charles Uwagbai , Monica Swaida, Robert Peters
Executive Producers: Charles Uwagbai , Monica Swaida
Directed by: Charles Uwagbai

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