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Babysitting Ejiro – A new TV movie, commissioned by Africa Magic, by Victor Sanchez Aghahowa, stars Anee Icha, Tope Tedela, A’rese, Linda Ejiofor, Ayoola Ayolola, Ini Dima-Okojie, Emmanual Ikubese, Akah Nnani, Sika Osei, Keira Hewatch and Osang Abang.

In this TV movie, Crispin plans to confess his feelings to his co-worker, Toju. Things do not go as planned when Toju leaves him to babysit Ejiro, her crazy sister.

To get the girl, Crispin has to survive Ejiro, her crazy love triangle, the insane couple next door, and their life-size teddy bear, Mr, B.

Anee Icha (“Before 30”) stars as Ejiro; Tope Tedela (2014 AMVCA Best Actor in a Drama “A Mile from Home”) is Crispin; A’rese (2016 Winner The Voice Nigera) plays Kemi; Linda Ejiofor (“Tinsel” “The Meeting”) is Kiki; Ayoola Ayolola (“Skinny Girl in Transit”) plays Obinna; Ini Dima-Okojie (“It’s Her Day”) is Wendy; Emmanuel Ikubese (“Shuga”) plays Maxwell; Sika Osei (“53 Extra”) is Toju, Keira Hewatch (“Lekki Wives) plays Oby; and Akah Nnani (“Akah Bants”) is The Brother.

The film is written & directed by Victor Sanchez Aghahowa (“Tinsel” “Hotel Majestic” “Hush” “Dowry” “How She Left My Brother” “Jamestown” “Retreat” “Tabloid” “Letters to a Stranger”).

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Babysitting Ejiro

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Comedy, TV

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