Aviation Man // SHORT (2015)

Short | 17 min
Aviation Man

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Aviation Man – Chima Okoro, an average staff of National Aviation Authority integrity was put to test when he suspended the airline of Alhaji Dantata -a business man and a big spender who is bent in doing anything possible to get clearance for his airline even at the expense of human lives.

Despite the pressure of his needs and family, he turned down the bribe offer. But he was dismayed when he saw Alhaji Dantata coming out from his colleague’s office shaking hand with him and happy. He later discovered that Alhaji had bribed his colleague and decided to report the case to the anti-graft agency.

Will he make it to the anti-graft office and will they be able to stop the greedy and big money spender Alhaji Dantata from putting people life at risk.

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Aviation Man

Aviation Man SHORT


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