Oris Erhuero


Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 23 September 1968
  • Place Of Birth:  London, England, UK
  • Height: 5' 11" (1.8 m)


Born in London England birth sign Virgo, the oldest of 7 children of a much loved and respected Nigerian (Urohbo) family, in his childhood, Oris Erhuero, was accustomed to tagging along with his mother to her job at the National Theatre of London, where he was first intrigued to pursue the craft of the performing arts. In his early days, he was further inspired to follow a career in lights when he was attending the Beaufoy School, in Kennington Park, London, (later renamed Lilian Baylis School) where he not only successfully excelled academically, but also discovered his passion for acting. His parents were pleasantly pleased that his drama mentors were very encouraging, having been impressed by his presence and quickly developing skill, even as a youth. From that first spark, throughout his primary & secondary school days, on to University and beyond, he has used and continues to employ, his life experiences, classical Shakespearean training, natural athleticism and endless energy to further develop his love for and contribution to the arts, into a rewarding career encompassing many genres of the entertainment industry. Being a self-proclaimed “citizen of the world, emboldened by strong roots,” he has been blessed to have lived and traveled all over the world, cultivating a life’s-riches of experiences from which to draw upon. He is a natural storyteller and sometimes, court jester, at heart, who always has a courteous charming word or humorous tale to tell. The wide range of roles that he has played have demonstrated his diversity as a performer from the stage of the west end in London to TV and big screen ,as is evidenced by his affinity for and ability with various dialects (American, British, African, European) as well as, his chameleon-like visual transformations, from incarnations such as “Rongar” to his portrayal of “Honore in the critically Aclaimed HBO film ” sometimes In April ” and his very recent most talked about project” The cursed ones” Along with his numerous film credits, Oris has appeared in international Fashion campaigns and Runways in London, Newyork, Milan and Paris for the highest esteemed clients such as Etro, Armani,Gian Franco Ferre, Dior and Versachi as well as he just recently launched his luxury Jewellery and accessories Brand “Oris Erhuero Couture” . Oris is a proud, single-father of a beautiful daughter. On June 16, 2004, Oris was named father of the year by the National Fatherhood Inititive at the “Golden Dad” Awards held in Los Angeles. Being grounded from a spiritual perspective, Oris thoroughly enjoys and believes in “giving back” to the world community, and thus, is often involved in local community based or international humanitarian projects. Oris is a Martial Arts practitioner as well as a Buddhist in his personal life, and enjoys living and promoting a healthy & well-balanced lifestyle.


Trailers & Videos


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