Dominic King


Personal Info

  • Date of Birth: 27 June 1984
  • Place Of Birth:  Baltimore, Maryland, USA


Dominic King is an African American, born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. Dominic discovered the performing arts while attending Grove Park Elementary. It was his 4th grade play where he had the chance to perform on stage as a juror in front of an audience of friends and family. Dominic was amazed of how much the audience smiled, laughed and cheered throughout the play, it was that moment that will forever be embedded in his memory but this wasn’t what fueled him yet into pursuing acting later on in life. As the years progressed Dominic had taken an interest in many other hobbies. While attending Fallstaff Middle School he found a love for arts and crafts from ceramics, drawings to painting canvases. Aside from the arts and crafts Dominic learned to play baseball, starting out in C-league for the Pirates which were for the younger kids. Playing baseball was Dominic’s passion and he played the game extremely well as he attended Northwestern Senior High School, making the newspapers, winning trophies and his team the Wildcats becoming the top team in Baltimore City. Being raised by his grandmother alone Dominic didn’t have the luxury of continuing with baseball and doing what most baseball players do, to join a traveling team. His grandmother instilled values, responsibilities and independency within him at a young age. Going to trade school and finding a career was more important and realistic in his house hold so that became the norm for him. After attending Tesst College of Technology Dominic earned his certification as an electrical technician. Once school was completed, Dominic started working for Sears as an electrical repair technician. Only a year of working for Sears, Dominic spent many nights alone watching Martin Lawrence’s televisions show MARTIN. This was the only thing that would make him happy and begin to realize that it was film and the art of acting that brings him joy and a life purpose. It was at that point he had the fuel that made him follow his dreams. So Dominic resigned from his Sears technician position, packed his bags and relocated to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania for a new start on life. Dominic didn’t jump immediately into acting once he relocated to Philadelphia. He spent months getting to know the city and as well attended Community College of Philadelphia in the downtown area. On and off with college Dominic enrolled himself in his first acting class at The Actors Alley located in Chestnut Hill area of Philadelphia. Dominic completed the 3 month acting course than went back to community college where he registered for English 131(Acting 1 Course). This class is where he studied theater acting and play writing. He dissect his first big play which was called Fences by August Wilson and had the pleasure of performing as one of the characters amongst the other classmates. Dominic continued with college after he completed English 131 but attended school undecided. By 2014 Dominic enrolled into his third acting school at The Actors Center in downtown Philadelphia. While attending The Actors Center, Dominic gained in depth knowledge of the art of performing, from stage to film and by the end of the course had the pleasure of being an extra in a web series. Dominic made his acting debut in Misfits, a short film by director Johno Faherty in 2015. Since then he has appeared in over 10 film, television and theatre productions. During his 2 year acting career, Dominic has worked with Kane Hodder, Dee Wallace, Katrina Law, Jason A. Drago and many more. Movie fans will recognize Dominic from Death House and Muda-When Time Is All That Matters. On television you may have seen him in Decay playing the boyfriend who gets separated from his girlfriend in a zombie outbreak. And in Ominous: Aggro where he gets to be the bully to name just a few.


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MUDA When Time Is All That Matters