The Visit (2015)

Thriller |

Movie Story

The Visit – Eugenia and Chidi Nebo are the perfect couple; organised, well cultured, with enviable degrees. Both are career driven and successful in their respective fields. For the Nebos’ their regimented and quiet lives though boring to many is that which brings perfect harmony into their lives and relationship or so they think.

The same cannot be said for their neighbours; Lanre and Ajiri Shagaya. Their lives are an embodiment of chaos, gross misconduct, and everything else the Nebo’s are not. They’re loud, cantankerous and overly boisterous but one thing can be said of the couple, they love each other passionately. They’re the Nebos’ worst nightmare and both couples despise each other without concealing their resentment. Their paths never crossed until one fateful night where a mistake made by the Shagaya’s see them visiting the Nebos to tender an apology.

One thing leads to another and the can of worms is let open, bearing secrets, shocking revelations about both couples which sets them on course for something they never bargained for.

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